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The Tantalizer
DD Machine

Powerfull and beautifull HI quality Faulhaber motor with 2 preloaded ball bearings.
- 9000rpm
- 6 mNm Torque
- 5 W
- 12 V.

3.5mm stroke Flywheel Cam

Weight 84gr

~Works best with Clasic Needles (5 and 9v.) v. and Cartridges systems (9.5 and 11v.) , keep the power supply between 5 and 11 v. ~


-Availability: To be able to keep the price as low as possible, Bas Bazzi Tools does not work with Inventories. In fact, I produce only what I need and I’m rarely have goods in the storehouse. This means that at the moment that you place an order, Bas Bazzi Tools will take between 2 days to max 3 weeks, depending on how big the order is and how busy at the moment is, to produce, assemble and test your order. So is very important to keep this in mind every time you place an order: i produce mostly by hand and i need the right amount of time to build up your order.
-You can return the product within 3 days from delivery date.
-Shipping, shippings for returns or reparations is paid/covered by customer.
-I ship with POSTNL.NL. In Europe it will take between 4 and 6 working days. Rest of the world between 6 and 14 days.
-If for any reason (outside of my incorrect writing of the address) your order can not be delivered and is sent back to the sender (me), if the customer wants the package to be sent back again,  the customer must repay the shipping costs again. If for any reason the customer does not agree on this solution and wants to cancel the order, the order will be canceled with out any problem but will be retained € 6 for small items or € 25 for Machines and Tebori tools to cover expenses for the loss of time given by your cancellation, for covering the time and costs made by the construction, the packaging and various administrative costs.
-The product must be returned in same NEW condition as you received it.
If a package is unclaimed you have to pay a handling fee of shipments costs.
It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the package is returned to BasBazzi.com .
Make a new order if you want a different product and return the one you want to change.  
-May you prefer a return of money, this will happen through the same payment method in which the purchase was made (before th item as been send is FREE).
If the purchase was made by paypal or credit card the order will be sent to the same address of paypal or credit card, NOT EXCEPTIONs.
-All my products and Tattoo machines have a life waranty  and  the engines have -Faulhaber 6 months warranty, Namiki/Dbx 2 Years, Mfa UK and Mabuchi life waranty . --Motor repairs are under guaranty only in the presence of a copy of the original invoice.

Returns  to:
Bas Bazzi Tools
PostBox 10965